February 2020 Student of the Month

February 2020 Student of the Month
01 Mar 2020
Our Student of the Month is Dean Kun!
Dean attends class 5 days a week and has a great work ethic and an awesome attitude. He competes in every tournament during the year. He works hard in class and puts our corrections into action right away. He is consistent with his personal lessons with Grand Master Ajay, and it shows!
From his parents: Dean was born the year of the white tiger. He is a very positive, kind and caring boy. He is good at what he does. He tries 110% of his ability to learn even things that he doesn’t know.
Dean loves hanging out with his brother and making new friends where ever he goes. Classmates comment on his friendliness and admire his generosity. He received kindness and responsibility certificates at school.
Dean is great at math and he normally uses his goofy face to solve math [problems].
Art, Computer, and Science are his favorite subjects.
Dean practices his karate, soccer, and mindfulness every day. He has various passions. He wants to learn about time travel in the future, study eye surgery, help humanity to get healthy and do the right things.
Criteria for selection:
  • Regular Attendance
  • Follow instruction and show that you are implementing corrections given during classes
  • Practice at home (we can tell!)
  • Tournament participation
  • Demonstrating good citizenship inside and outside of the studio
Who will be our next Student of the Month??

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