Helping Your Children Cultivate Healthy Habits (Guest Article)

Helping Your Children Cultivate Healthy Habits (Guest Article)
01 May 2021

There is something special about watching your children grow from helpless infants into independent individuals who can make their own choices. Helping them learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime may not be easy, but the results make the effort worthwhile. While your children may not always appreciate it at the time, they will be thankful for it once they grow up. Ajay’s Karate invites you to explore different ways to cultivate healthy habits.

Promote Regular Exercise

Working out on a regular basis has many mental and physical health benefits. Besides improved stamina and strength, exercise can boost your mood and lower anxiety, according to health experts. Create a workout routine for the whole family to encourage your children to get moving. Find activities that everyone can enjoy, such as swimming, jogging, or playing tag.

Signing kids up for martial arts classes at Ajay’s Karate can help them not only stay fit but increase their discipline and self-confidence. The ability to feel strong and confident in oneself can be especially important when your children become teenagers.

Make Food Fun

It can be hard to get children to try new foods or eat things they don’t like. Involve them in the process of planning and making a meal to get them interested in healthy foods. Search for healthy recipes together to find things the whole family will enjoy. Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks and hide or toss junk food.

Small children can enjoy making easy items, like popsicles with real fruit juice or celery stuffed with nut butter. Older children may like to experiment with different flavor combinations. Use cookie cutters and molds to create fun shapes to entice children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Discuss Addictive Substances

Diving into the topic of addiction may feel uncomfortable, but children should know about the risks of certain behaviors. Discuss things like caffeine, tobacco, drug, and alcohol use in an age-appropriate manner. Talk to your kids before they become teenagers so that they understand what to avoid before they are presented with a real situation. Let them know how those substances will affect their lifelong health and encourage them to stay away from people who pressure them into making bad decisions.

Plan for the Future

Living a healthy life is about more than just diet and exercise. A sound mind and body serve as a solid foundation for your children as they pursue their dreams. Without personal fulfillment, it is easy to grow discontent and depressed. Talk to them early and often about their future and suggest practical ways for them to reach their goals.

Set a good example for your children by following your dreams. Thanks to online classes, it is easier than ever to get a degree or certificate in nearly any subject. While it may take time to earn a teaching license or an engineering degree, it shows your children that it’s never too late to make a positive change.

Children learn a lot about life from their parents. Modeling good behavior for your children teaches them how to act and react to the world around them. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good example. If you have unhealthy habits, then involve your children when making a change. If you all work together as a family to eat right, exercise more, and make better decisions, everyone will benefit.

Amanda Henderson is both a mom to two rambunctious boys and a preschool teacher, so she knows from experience how quickly a situation can become unsafe. She created and writes for Safe Children to educate parents on how to keep their children safe while also having fun.

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