Ajay’s Karate – Why We’re the Best Choice

Ajay’s Karate – Why We’re the Best Choice
31 Jan 2021

Ajay’s Karate is a family-owned business run by 8th degree Grand Master Michael Ajay and his wife, 5th degree Master Lydia Ajay.  They pride themselves in having a family atmosphere, providing individual attention in a fun and safe environment.  Their mission is to help every student become the very best martial artist they can be! Both Grand Master and Master Ajay have an eye for detail – creating the best technically trained martial artists in the area.  Together they create a perfect balance of teaching and support for all students.

Grand Master Michael Ajay has been training continuously in the martial arts for 55 years and has owned and operated a full-time studio for 40 years.  He still teaches all of the students – you can’t get that kind of training anywhere else.  Grand Masters usually only teach black belts.  At Ajay’s Karate, you will get the very best training from an expert whose experience spans decades!  Master Lydia Ajay has trained for over 15 years in Taekwondo.  She is a California credentialed teacher, who taught for almost 20 years in Placer County before deciding to devote her time and attention to teaching Taekwondo alongside her husband.

At Ajay’s Karate, students build self-confidence, get fit, gain focus and respect, and learn values that will enhance their life inside and outside the studio.  Parents are telling us their kids need our classes during this time of distance learning.  They need to use a different part of their brain, they need to get out from behind a laptop, they need socialization, and they need exercise!

“Ajay’s Karate specializes in Taekwondo and self-defense (including how to break holds and defend against weapons) taught by Grand Master; as well as Stranger Danger, Bully Prevention, and women’s self-defense taught by Master Ajay.  These are all techniques anybody can learn and perform.  We have students from 4 years old up to adults.”  ~ Grand Master Michael Ajay.

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Call us today to get started at (916) 686-3478. We have a two week introductory special so you can see for yourself why we have been so successful all these years.

Our studio, Ajay’s Karate, is a traditional martial arts school teaching the very best in technique along with values that our students will carry with them throughout their lifetime. We are family-owned, serving the Sacramento and Elk Grove areas since 1980.

By Master Lydia Ajay and Co-Owner of Ajay’s Karate, Elk Grove, California.

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