Kids During This Pandemic

Kids During This Pandemic
03 Dec 2020

(*Group picture for this blog was taken in December 2019.)

I have seen articles and news stories about children who are learning online since March.  These are the things I see they are dealing with:

  • Lack of socialization
  • Isolation
  • Falling behind academically

I’ve heard parent’s observations:

  • Boredom
  • Excess energy
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Too much time on games

What I know martial arts can help with, especially after holding classes in the park this past summer (some of this based on parent’s comments to us):

  • A great release
  • A great way to get the kids off the computer
  • A great escape from the house
  • A great way for kids to get their physical education in
  • A great way to help kids increase their focus
  • A constant in a crazy world where kids know what to expect when they come to class
  • Socialization
  • Organized activity
  • A great way to release energy
  • A great way to release tension
  • A great way to get their minds off of the Corona Virus and world problems

And what I know as a former dance teacher and now as a martial arts instructor:

  • When students are focused on what their bodies are doing (which foot, which hand, which way to turn, what comes next?) they are not thinking about anything else! This type of activity improves most maladies – I’ve seen headaches, heartaches, stress, and bad days dissolve at least temporarily!

It’s such a GREAT release for children, teens, and adults!

We are offering all of these things to our students.   Call us today to find out how we’re navigating through this pandemic and serving our members!

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Call us today to get started at (916) 686-3478. We have a two week introductory special so you can see for yourself why we have been so successful all these years.

Our studio, Ajay’s Karate, is a traditional martial arts school teaching the very best in technique along with values that our students will carry with them throughout their lifetime. We are family-owned, serving the Sacramento and Elk Grove areas since 1980.

By Master Lydia Ajay and Co-Owner of Ajay’s Karate, Elk Grove, California.

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