Quarantined Kids Need Martial Arts

26 Jul 2020

No school. No playdates. No parties. No baseball, soccer, football …

You get the picture.  We’ve all been sequestered for months and we all need to get out, get physical, and unload stress and anxiety.  Children are no different.  We are holding our classes out in Laguna Community Park.  Instructors and students are masked.  Students are distanced from one another.  But they are exercising.  They are getting out into the fresh air.  They are being mentally stimulated.  They are getting to punch, kick, and yell!  Sounds great right?  It is!  Martial arts are great for children (4 and up), teens, and adults.

Come out to the park with us and let go!

Call us today for details and to get started (916) 686-3478.

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