My Son and Daughter’s Journey in Taekwondo (So Far!)

My Son and Daughter’s Journey in Taekwondo (So Far!)
31 Jul 2020

Taekwondo, that is what might help. As I sat through numerous IEP meetings at my son’s school, this was something that was constantly mentioned to us by his Resource teacher, Classroom teacher, and Speech teacher. They had other students who had enrolled in Taekwondo, and it had helped build their confidence, self-esteem, and focus, which had in turn helped with these same skills in the classroom setting. But I am going to be honest, I knew nothing about it and it scared me. Would it be the answer we were looking for? Would it help shape our son and give him an outlet for all of his pent-up energy?

However, when my family began our taekwondo journey almost two years ago, I never would have thought that this would be something that both of my children would fall so deeply in love with. Initially, taekwondo was something that was suggested to us to help our son, Isaac, with his ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. We wanted something that would be just his own and would help him with his focus and coordination. However, he was struggling. Struggling to learn the forms, struggling to connect with other students, just struggling. Our daughter, Emily, would sit and watch during his classes, cheering him on, learning his forms, his combination sets, and even learning the tenets of taekwondo to help him practice while they played in the backyard after class. It quickly became very clear that she not only wanted to learn taekwondo but also needed to learn it. She became support for Isaac. Learning her forms, and also learning his, to help him practice at home. Showing him the correct kicks, punches, and even becoming a sparring partner.

While at first, he relied on her, their roles have also changed as they have grown in belt levels. His confidence grew and she looked to him for forms, combination sets, and feedback. Isaac has become more focused, and now as a Poom belt (black belt candidate), he has the confidence not only to ask for help if he needs it but to also welcome and show new students forms, combination sets, etc. Because of Taekwondo, and the support of Grand Master and Mrs. Ajay, he has self-esteem and knows he will be held to a high expectation. And as predicted, this has also translated to school. He is willing to try new skills that might seem difficult and is willing to ask for help, instead of lashing out. In addition, my children’s bond as siblings has grown. They can connect on a different level. They cheer each other on, stand up for each other, and support each other not only in the studio, but also in school, on the soccer field, and at home. Taekwondo has now become something that ties and bonds them deeper than we could have imagined as parents.

This is a guest blog post by Rhiannon Andrews.

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