10 Ways Martial Arts Increases Focus

10 Ways Martial Arts Increases Focus
01 Jun 2020
  1. Physical and mental instruction allows you to focus and sharpen the mind.
  2. Repetition and respect establish the focal points that lead to more focused minds.
  3. Belt tests require great amounts of focus in order to perform the curriculum correctly.
  4. The first thing a student learns is to stand at attention and be still. This requires them to focus from the first moment they start.
  5. What you learn will come to you through personal effort.  The confidence you get will help you focus on your life goals.
  6. Forms are a series of moves that are put together.  In order to perform them properly, you must have amazing focus capabilities.
  7. Martial Arts utilize both gross and fine motor skills that increase the need for a higher level of focus and concentration.
  8. You are taught correct posture which certainly affects your focus in aspects of your life.
  9. Martial Arts teach focus through competition because you must execute and perform to the hights degree.
  10. As you learn self-discipline, you start focusing better.

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Reprinted with permission from Kuk Sool Won of Menlo Park.

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