A Mother and Son Journey to Black Belt

A Mother and Son Journey to Black Belt
25 Jan 2020

My son and I have embarked on a journey throughout the last several years that has allowed us to grow in more ways than I can imagine. As a martial arts parent and student, this journey has allowed me to provide him with detailed teachable moments concerning the stresses and joys of life. It has allowed me to prove to him that gender stereotypes are merely a fictitious tale. It also has allowed me to unfold a life worthy of hard work, dedication, and success.

My son and I have walked the same steps, we have endured the same trials.  For the footsteps we have walked are with the same depth, the same tears, the same fears, and the same success. All creating an unshakable bond.

As a parent, I believe strongly in making sure that we are walking the same talk that we instill in our kids. Inching forward, step-by-step we make decisions that involve our children not only for them but for ourselves. The decisions we make on a day-to-day basis create the fabric of our lives. One of the best decisions our family has done was to embark on a martial arts journey.

Martial arts has created a powerful force within me, as a parent, to be able to parent with force. As cliché as that may sound, the steps that I have been taught within our martial arts studio is priceless. Ask yourself to take moment and imagine all the money that you spend on books, the time you schedule as well as the experts you consult to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your children if you could take all of that and house it in one experience – would you?  The simple answer is yes, the more complicated answer is … yes.

This is a guest blog post by Ranin Z., 1st degree Black Belt.

At our studio, Ajay’s Karate, we are a traditional martial arts school teaching the very best in technique along with values that our students will carry with them throughout their lifetime, as well as self-defense for men, women, teens, and children. Call us today to see for yourself what we do at Ajay’s Karate! (916) 686-3478.

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