Epic Food Drive!

We surpassed our goal and collected 459 pounds of food and goods.
10 Dec 2019

In late October, early November Ajay’s Karate held the most Epic Food Drive in our history!

We have been collecting for the Elk Grove Food Bank for a number of years, but never have we had the outpouring of contributions that we saw this year.  Each year we collect a little more than the previous year.  Last year we collected approximately 214 pounds of food, clothing and pet supplies.  But this year I thought I’d be brazen and set a goal to double what we did last year!  And guess what?  We surpassed the goal!  We collected a whopping 459 pounds of food, clothing, toiletries and pet supplies.  Way to go Ajay’s members and families!

Grand Master always uses the metaphor of a single finger not being as strong as all fingers put together into a fist.  Well, we proved this to be true because TOGETHER we have made a difference in our community!

Thank you to everyone for your donations.

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