Six Reasons Every Woman Should Take Martial Arts

Six Reasons Every Woman Should Take Martial Arts
31 May 2019

Martial Arts are great for men, women, and children.  But sometimes women have shied away from training, which is a shame because there are so many great benefits for women.  Here are six reasons women should jump in and try it.

  1. Self-Defense. Every woman should learn awareness training, how to block and counter-attack, and to break out of holds.  I have some friends who have told me they carry mace, pepper spray, or even a gun.  But what happens if they are unable to reach their weapon, or worse, the attacker takes it away and uses it on them?  Every woman should know how to use her body as a weapon.  With regular practice, you will learn how to remain calm in case you are approached and/or attacked.
  2. Fitness. You don’t have to be young, slim, strong, or coordinated in order to learn martial arts.  We have students who start at a very young age, but we also have adults.  The techniques we teach at Ajay’s Karate can be learned, and modified if needed so that everyone can do them.  Even if you are a senior citizen, or have physical limitations, you can learn and progress with our teaching.  With consistent attendance, you can also become more fit, lose weight, tone up, get added strength, improve your cardiovascular health, and flexibility.  Martial arts are a great compound exercise with many health benefits.
  3. Martial arts are for everybody. Women have been practicing martial arts for hundreds of years.  The great thing about martial arts training is that it doesn’t take strength.  Anybody can do it!  At our studio, there are female instructors as well as female students.  We strive to make our classes comfortable for all of our students.
  4. It’s great stress relief. Whether you are a student, a mom, a corporate executive, or a combination of the three, the studio is a great place to come to release stress. You get to yell, punch, kick, and learn techniques that are guaranteed to take your mind off whatever you experienced during your day.  If you come in with a furrowed brow, you will leave with a smile on your face!
  5. Improve your confidence. Once you have learned the basics and have progressed in your training, you will feel more confident.  Martial arts are great training for the mind, body, and spirit.  Your fitness level improves, your mind clears, and your mood is lifted.  You will find you are able to carry yourself with much more confidence as a martial arts student.
  6. You are in a safe place. At Ajay’s Karate, we strive to create a real family atmosphere.  Our studio is a fun and safe environment for all.

By Lydia Ajay, 4th Degree Black Belt and Co-Owner of Ajay’s Karate.

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