5 Reasons Every Child Should Earn a Black Belt

5 Reasons Every Child Should Earn a Black Belt
30 Apr 2019
  1. Improves grades and performance in academics and athletics

Martial arts improves FOCUS.  It’s natural for young children to have shorter attention spans and to move around when we want them to be still – I lovingly call that “the wiggles”.  Through practice, repetition, and examples given by our young student leaders, our young beginning students gradually begin to understand “LOOK, LISTEN, and LEARN” which we teach at Ajay’s Karate.  They start to focus on what is being taught and become more DISCIPLINED in class.  Even the very young children (we start at age 3 1/2 or 4 depending on the child’s ability to retain and follow during an evaluation), show growth in focus as they learn more and advance in the curriculum.

The growth they develop carries over into many different areas in their lives.  A large number of our students have become HONOR ROLL STUDENTS.  Some of our students have tried other sports or even acting, and I have asked if the discipline and focus they learn at Ajay’s Karate has helped them, and the answer has been a resounding yes!

  1. Black belts are physically and mentally strong

At Ajay’s Karate, we teach students many ways to be STRONG.  There is the CONDITIONING, that helps them become PHYSICALLY FIT – but often times students have to get over the voice in their head that tells them “I can’t”.  By having passionate teachers that believe in them, along with the parent support, our students learn that many obstacles are mere “MIND OVER MATTER.”  Students learn they can break boards, jump over obstacles, or do pushups.  The look of ACCOMPLISHMENT on their faces when they overcome an obstacle that they initially thought they couldn’t conquer is priceless!

  1. Black belts learn to set and achieve positive goals

From white belt to black belt, students learn to set GOALS along the way.  In some cases, the first goal a student may set is to earn their BLACK BELT.  We help our students set goals:  to be a good helper at home, to get good grades, to get their next belt, to break their boards on the first attempt.  We enjoy talking to the students in class about their goals.  It’s a fun way for us to get to know our students better!

  1. Black belts respect themselves and others

RESPECT is one of the most important values a student learns in martial arts.  At Ajay’s Karate, we teach the students to bow to their senior belts, to salute the flags, to answer “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”.  Our senior students and student leaders learn to respect the junior belts as they assist in classes.  They may see how they themselves were as a beginner and they learn EMPATHY.  We talk about respect a lot in our classes.  About holding doors open for people, about honoring their parents first and foremost.  We talk about SELF-RESPECT, and how students should care about how they present themselves, in the studio or out in other environments.  We explain they should always try their best at whatever they are doing because they should care about how they are performing – at home, in school, and in the studio.

  1. Black belts are confident and able to self-protect

CONFIDENCE is one of the main values students gain through sheer experience.  Many students walk in for the first time very timidly.  But soon, they are learning, growing, achieving goals – and all of that makes them feel very good about themselves.  We teach students how to SPAR as well as SELF-DEFENSE (against STRANGERS and BULLIES).  What would one of our students do if they were bullied, or approached by a stranger if they never learned to protect themselves?  All of the methods we teach are for the art of Tae Kwon Do, and for self-defense.  And all of it combined creates a black belt that is confident and ready to protect themselves.

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