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Grand Master Ajay’s 50th Anniversary

Here are some photos taken at Grand Master Ajay’s 50th anniversary in the martial arts celebration.  Thank you again to all who came out to help us celebrate this great day!

14 Apr 2016
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Mrs. Ajay at age 15

This is in Miller Park in Sacramento.  This was so long ago, I can’t stop watching myself! It’s like I’m looking at someone else, but I know it’s me!  Enjoy

15 Mar 2016
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Kick the cookie habit with Ajay’s Karate

Thanks to Mrs. Kay’s sign holder for being such a good sport!  Nothing like a little fun on a sunny day with friends Elk Grove Village! But in seriousness, as the saying goes “there is nothing that tastes as good...

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27 Feb 2016
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Self-Defense Clinic #2

More training on how to defend against armed and unarmed attackers.  This training is great for all ages and abilities.  Grand Master and Mrs. Ajay divide the group into three levels so everyone can learn.

26 Jan 2016
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Taekwondo is much more than a Martial Art.

We have found that the discipline, focus and respect taught in Taekwondo transcends beyond the dojang walls.  Many of our students are great leaders and Honor Roll students!  Check out these testimonies.

20 Jan 2016
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