Results for Best of the Best 2018

Photo Credit:  Jose Antonio Benitez
13 Aug 2018

Tournaments are fun, exciting and challenging!  They test your skills, demonstrate how you stack up against competitors your age and belt level, and you get to meet people from other schools in the big tournaments.

But at Ajay’s Karate’s Best of the Best Tournament, our students compete against their peers from our studio.  In this tournament only the best in their division receives a medal and a patch.  So the stakes are high! After polling the participants this is what I found:

  • Most students said the Best of the Best tournament had a higher level of competition because we train all of our students to be, well – THE BEST!
  • It was fun for competitors and spectators alike.
  • Parents enjoyed the family vibe of cheering for their kids and for their friends from our studio.

Everyone had a great time. Everyone tried their very best.  Everyone did an outstanding job.

Grand Master and Mrs. Ajay are so proud of all who participated. Remember, there are no losers in a tournament!  Competitors either win or learn!

Here is a list of the 2018 Best of the Best:

Age 7 and under – Yellow-White thru Yellow-Green and Red-White:

Forms – Hayden Tran

Sparring- Chase Redding

Age 10-12 – White-Yellow thru Yellow-Green:

Forms and Sparring – Hai Tran

Age 7-11 – Green-Blue:

Forms – Nathan Yu

Sparring – Jude Thompson

Age 8-9 – Poom and Black Belts:

Forms and Sparring – Braden Davis

Age 10-12 – Poom Belts:

Forms and Sparring – Ethan Navarra

Age 13-14 – Blue/Poom and Black Belts:

Forms – Maaheer Mollah

Sparring – Bernie Xicotencatl


Photo Credit:  Jose Antonio Benitez


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