Tournaments are fun!

26 Jun 2018

We participated in a tournament with the National Taekwondo League.  We had 36 participants and 31 placed!  Some students brought home two medals (one for sparring and one for forms)!

Tournaments provide growth in the individual student’s martial art, it increases confidence, and gives them an opportunity to see students from other schools.  They are also a lot of fun.

One of the great things about Ajay’s Karate is the family bond which is created between our students and their families.  At tournaments, most students and their families come early or stay after they compete so they can cheer for each other.

Tournaments, and Ajay’s Karate, have so much to offer.  There are so many benefits: health, confidence, focus, respect, self-defense.  These values can be gained by children, teens and adults!

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