Vote for Ajay’s Karate – Best of Elk Grove 2017

Vote for Ajay’s Karate – Best of Elk Grove 2017
07 Aug 2017

Please take a few minutes to vote for Ajay’s Karate for Best of Elk Grove 2017.  We were honored to win in 2016 and we’re going for a repeat!

We are a SMALL BUSINESS, LOCAL, ELK GROVE business, a MOM AND POP SHOP that has served the SACRAMENTO and Elk Grove COMMUNITY for 36 years!

GRAND MASTER Michael Ajay – a two-time NATIONAL CHAMPION  and WORLD CHAMPION still teaches all of the students.  Mrs. Ajay, a 3rd degree BLACK BELT works along side him focusing on TECHNIQUE.  Both train students in FORMS as well as SPARRING.

Our school is small enough that the students receive INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION, and has a real FAMILY ATMOSPHERE.

Please log on to and vote for us – and spread the word!

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