Ajay’s Karate Best of the Best 2017 Results

09 May 2017

Our Intra-school tournaments are ALWAYS exciting, and our 2017 tourney was no exception! Here are our Gold Medal Champions:

White-Yellow thru Yellow-Green Stripe (Ages 6-8)

Forms and Sparring:  Amir Deforest

Yellow thru Yellow-Green (Ages 9-Adult)

Forms and Sparring: Ranin Zubi

Green thru Poom Belt (Ages 6-7)

Forms:  Elisse Hung

Sparring:  Adan Ortiz

Green-Blue thru Poom Belt (Ages 8-9)

Forms: Maddie G.

Sparring: Laya Cazares

Green-White thru Poom Belt (Ages 10-11)

Forms and Sparring:  Reyna Lopez

Black Belts (Ages 10-12)

Forms:  Sophie McArdle

Sparring: Colton McArdle

Red-White-Black Belt (Ages 13-Adult)

Forms:  Chasity Britt

Sparring:  Christopher Benitez

Congratulations to all of our GOLD MEDAL WINNERS, and a big thank you to all of the participants.  You all did a great job, giving 100%.  We will see you out at the next tournament!


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