Ajay’s Karate


Grand Master Ajay over 50 years in martial arts.


We protect our lives, our families and possessions from injustice and danger.


We promote our physical and spiritual health and enjoy strong bodies and sound minds through rigorous training.


Ajay's Karate providing fitness and building character through Taekwondo.

Best Martial Arts School – Best of Elk Grove 2016

Ajay’s Karate is Elk Grove’s Premier Taekwondo School

Our students learn the traditional art and have fun doing it! Why not train with a winner? Contact us today!




You will learn self defense – a method of breaking holds and striking utilizing your opponent’s energy. Along with these types of self-defense methods, you will learn self-control, respect, integrity, and a whole lot more.


Grand Master Ajay has been in the martial arts for over 50 years and with all of his vast experience, he still teaches all of his students. You won’t find this kind of training and specialized instruction anywhere else.


Ajay’s Karate is a family business – owned and operated by Michael and his wife Lydia. The atmosphere at Ajay’s Karate is family oriented, with small classes and a lot of attention to each student.


  • If I lived close by, I would definitely train with you again but unfortunately, I reside in Southern California but … traveling along my martial arts journey, I’ve never seen Anyone that can “Kick” like Mr. Mike Ajay. You are the best Sir! And once again it was a privilege & an honor to train with one of the best martial arts masters on the planet.

    Moses B
  • … Ajay’s karate is truly the finest school to be in and I recommend to any parent looking to place their child in karate to highly consider Ajay’s Karate as their 1st option if they live in the South Sacramento/Elk Grove area. It is definitely worth it!

    Tony B
  • …. what I learned here changed me a lot.  I know there are some reviews expecting Taekwondo or Martial arts to change your child’s behavior, such as discipline or having morals.  But these are things that are mainly learned from parents and reinforced here.  Luckily, my parents were great role models.  What Master Ajay and the other instructors bestowed upon me was confidence…

    Tan D
    courtesy of yelp.com

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April 2017 – Word of the Month
Word of the Month

April 2017 – Word of the Month

Confidence At Ajay’s Karate – we do more than teach kicks and punches, and we ARE NOT a daycare.  We teach traditional TAEKWONDO with real LIFE SKILLS.  This month we will highlight one of the intrinsic values gained through martial...

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0 / Lydia Ajay / Apr 03, 2017
December 2016 at Carmichael Family Taekwondo

December 2016 at Carmichael Family Taekwondo

December 10, 2016. Thanks to Master Peschke and Master Ogata for their hospitality.  It was a great experience and we really enjoyed our day with you, your students, and all of the other competitors.  Looking forward to many more tournaments...

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0 / Lydia Ajay / Dec 11, 2016